ByAECgateway : AEC Business Gateway to Thai indusrty products and service

ByAECgateway : AEC Business Gateway to Thai indusrty products and service

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Nowadays, technology is more important than before, most of the organization has to adjust themselves to the technology that have change all the time and effect to today’s society life, economy and culture. Technology is the one of the tools that can disperse information to all over the world and the easy to for search news information.

We are the media that ready to work together with the technology. We always adjust new technology with our product for creating the new innovation of media technology. We adjust the technology to the media by the 3D technology, We connect the printing media with online media by an AR application that’s easy to use, just scan the application on the advertising page this application will connect to the advertiser information and website. We also be the channel that connect the Asian together with Teem Asia Directory book that published in CLMV language (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam) and electronic book online on www.

Thailand Business Gateway to Thai indusrty products and service

We are the media producer that working together with new innovation of technology and we are the channel for connecting Thai industry group to CLMV countries. We intend to support the Thai industry to move on with technology, creativity and innovation AEC Business by sustainable.


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16/26 Onnut 74/1, Pravet, Pravet, Bangkok 10250

Tel : +662 320 5915 (Auto line)
Fax : +662 320 5918

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